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  1. HellSpawn angels 'i've never gotten any'

  2. AngelEyes answers 'If you are what you eat, I am fast,cheap and easy ;P' [ may have been originally posted in a note by Blackshadow -G ]

  3. Daeg angels 'sheep sheep i love sheep'

  4. AngelEyes chats 'Namaan just has this affect on me, makes me speechless when he is on ;P'

  5. (someone had just asked who to kiss up to)
    Gabby angels 'An ass!'
    Gomez angels '<points at self>'

  6. Dragonkat angels 'I'm just wearing chicken wings, chicken legs, a red rubber glove, chicken collar'

  7. [ from a very strange Labyrinth race ] Jerika yells 'Do. Not. Enter. Fodder.'

  8. [ from the same race ] Confidential yells 'And DON'T have Fodder enter you :p' [ don't ask -G ]

  9. Ananon angels 'I'm getting a box'
    Zealot angels 'movin on up from the trash can eh?

  10. Jerika chats 'The only way I'm getting more is if I peel 'em myself. When I peel things somehow they shrink to 1/4 the original size.'

  11. [ less than 10 seconds later ] Jerika chats 'Look, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can peel things by some kind of innate ability.'

  12. [ Is she done, Nope!!] Jerika chats 'Well, if someone would just peel 'em for me, I wouldn't have a problem.'

  13. [ just when you thought she was finished... ] Jerika chats 'You know, I'm peeling away, good naturedly, right?'

  14. Jerika chats 'Well, when you suck, obviously you're going to get some on the floor!' [ as good a place as any-G ]

  15. AngelEyes angels 'Nope we got wet pussies, blowjobs, condoms, handcuffs, honey....graps whips, rope clamps I think we are all set ;P' [ we're having a party... everybody's singin'... listen to the music, on the radio-oh ]

  16. AngelEyes angels 'So I like blowjobs, handcuffs and wet pussies. That doesn't mean I have a problem!'

  17. AngelEyes angels 'No need to log, I am not quoteable'

  18. AngelEyes angels 'Fine, molest me if you must'

  19. Gomez angels 'Backdoor, frontdoor. I'm easy.'

  20. Dingodan angels 'well I strongly recommend chinese nipple torture... its very amusing.'

  21. Dragonkat chats 'I say dumb stuff all the time. You just can't catch me saying them ;P' [ thanks for catching that, Zacke -G ]

  22. Jerika chats '*I* don't whip anything out'

  23. Jerika chats 'Mine barely flaps ;P'

  24. Mooncalf angels 'Sex is something you get if you park your tail outside a Military base.'

  25. AngelEyes angels 'You would think, but I am like the energizer bunny, I keep going and going'

  26. AngelEyes angels 'Hold on, gotta go give Nova a wet pussy''

  27. Dragonkat says 'I'm cheap ;P' [ at least she's honest -G ]

  28. Dragonkat chats 'I was wearing panties!'

  29. Trunx chats 'i know there is some in.... MY PANTS!'

  30. Dragonkat angels 'Condoms. She likes condoms.'

  31. AngelEyes angels 'It tastes good, I never used to like but I have been craving it soooo bad lately lol'

  32. AngelEyes angels 'Maybe if I use my teeth it will work!'

  33. AngelEyes chats 'Man I have been having the weirdest cravings lately *sigh* I am so strange'

  34. AngelEyes chats 'I get the Err wait that would be nice to say ;P'

  35. AngelEyes chats 'Nice and big if you don't mind'

  36. AngelEyes angels 'Hrm I am craving pickles now, sheesh what is up with me and my cravings!'

  37. Dragonkat chats 'Even if I was naked you'd be dead in seconds'

  38. Dragonkat says 'I bet there are some long ass logs out there'

  39. Gabby shouts 'Your fingers aren't coming anywhere NEAR me! :P'

  40. Dragonkat chats 'Open mouth and out comes the logs'

  41. Dragonkat says 'woooooohooooooooo no more logs for me' [ guess she's full -G ]

  42. Dragonkat angels 'Every time I open my mouth everyone breaks out the logs *rolls eyes*'

  43. Dragonkat angels 'Well if everybody would quit flaunting their logs in front of me I would be fine'

  44. Dragonkat angels 'I can't help myself!'

  45. AngelEyes angels 'guys, gals it don't matter as long as you get your money ;P'

  46. Jeremy says 'oh come on I was good and you know it'
    AngelEyes says 'No I don't know it, if you were so good why did I have to fake it all? ;P'
    Jeremy says 'Oh please after the sixth hour I was the one who finally had to fake it'

  47. AngelEyes says 'My tongue never gets cramped ;)

  48. Dragonkat angels 'Yours tasted good with ketchup *burp*'

  49. Skyclad chats 'I didn't put my head through Taros at any point'

  50. Skyclad chats 'Well how surprising :P I bet you molested him a little first, huh though :P'

  51. Someone says 'Whups, spoke too soon, just spurted a bit ;p'

  52. Confidential angels 'I'm not getting anything here :p' [ ...big surprise... ]

  53. Arthinius chats 'Anyone want a blowjob?'
    Gabby chats 'Yes, but don't splash it all over me like Lokos did!'

  54. Gabby chats 'Don't make fun of me unless I'm aware of it'

  55. Tinkie chats 'i want angeleyes'
    AngelEyes chats 'Sorry you can't have me.....I know that will totally ruin your life, but well like I care'

  56. Dragonkat angels 'I know NOTHING'

  57. Skyclad chats 'My mind IS a toy. :P'

  58. Dragonkat chats 'I'm keeping my mouth shut ;P'

  59. Dragonkat chats 'Of I have a mouth full of things to spit out but I ain't gonna do it ;P'
    Confidential chats 'She's going to swallow :p'

  60. Dragonkat chats 'You know I could break out my logs and get some good stuff out of them ;P'

  61. Dragonkat chats 'Yeesh I see i'm gonna have to start watching what comes out of my mouth from now on'

  62. Dragonkat chats 'I don't wanna swallow'

  63. Dragonkat says 'It's true. You peel it. You nibble on it. And whammo bammo it's all gone'

  64. Gabby angels 'Bottom = Butt, Top = Boobs. :P'
    Gabby angels 'Butt * Boobs = x. :P'
    Settinus angels 'butt + boobs = xxx'
    Settinus angels 'of you could say.. boobs = x - butt'
    Settinus angels 'thats more like pornographic algebra (Hey! A new, more|exciting branch of Algebra!)'
    Gabby angels 'Yeah, I know that kind. Me + You - pants divided by legs...'

  65. Dragonkat chats 'How many of you have logs?'
    Ansur chats 'i do'
    Chrono chats 'i think i do'
    Ansur chats 'last time i checked i did'

  66. Dingodan angels 'its not my fault I suck... ok so it is'

  67. Arwin chats 'I am not sucking that!'

  68. Ness chats 'Hmm.. who gets to lick the creamy center?'

  69. AngelEyes angels 'More like, damn I wonder what he looks like naked lol'

  70. AngelHeart chats 'And with flaming sword and jagged spear, the Archangel Grumble did cast out the heretics of Arcanum. Making it safe for kiddies, virgins, and small fluffy animals.' [ I have absolutely no idea how to respond to that... -G]

  71. Shaid chats 'I violated 7 sheep....hehehehehe'

  72. Lowell chats 'I spent a lot of time with those transvestites =)'

  73. Dragonkat angels 'And what was todays loot? Condoms? Money? Sex tapes?'

  74. Dragonkat angels 'What am I eating this for?'

  75. Dingodan angels 'pinesol doesnt taste all that good'

  76. Anastasia angels 'I just have this large porn collection here to post'

  77. Dragonkat angels 'It doesn't matter if it's nice and long. As long as it doesn't sink ;P'

  78. Gabby chats 'You aint coming near my boobies! :P'
    Peorth chats 'awwww maaaan!! why not?'

  79. Dragonkat says 'I want my condom back ;P'

  80. Dragonkat says 'And I want my blowjob back!'

  81. Gabby angels 'Hmmmm, there you go lokos. You can be a %. A stick surrounded by two balls. :P'

  82. Arwin chats 'lol I am ...ok yeah I am cheap'

  83. Arwin chats 'mock me all you want'

  84. Arwin chats 'ok back, let the mocking continue'

  85. Gabby chats '*examines hole* My hole doesn't have any crap in it'

  86. Psifire chats '*examines gabby's hole*'
    Gabby chats 'don't look at my hole, Psi!

  87. Gabby angels 'Wow, Confi gave me 42 balls!'

  88. Lowell chats 'Yeah, some ppl are glad my mouth can fit a lot =P'

  89. Gabby chats 'Nobody is going to finger you Uther, no matter how much you want them to.'

  90. Arwin chats 'is it possible to make sheep drunk?'

  91. Jana chats 'In and out, in and out. You're making me dizzy Jerika.'

  92. Arwin chats 'here boys. come on boys *snip snip*' [ Well, it was nice knowing you, Mrs Bobbit... *flees* ]

  93. Namaan says 'fine, you don't get any Jerika. ;p'

  94. Settinus angels 'It used to be longer'

  95. Random angels 'I'll say, my hand kinda hurts'

  96. Dragonkat angels 'You shouldn't rub so hard Random ;P'

  97. Dragonkat angels 'You place hand on head and rub softly, slowly increasing pressure, til the person squirms to get away'

  98. Dragonkat angels 'And I don't wanna have to auction myself off again ;P'

  99. Namaan angels 'I may be without my clue, but I am still a fart smeller.'
    Namaan angels 'Err.... smart feller.'

  100. AngelEyes musics 'My name is AngelEyes and I work in a whore house... happy? I admitted it lol ;P'

  101. Dragonkat says 'Are we stripping?'
    Spiffbob says 'Stripping? Nah.'
    Spiffbob says 'I'm just naked now.'

  102. Jerika chats 'Blah, I'm like jello. Poke me once and I wiggle for hours.

  103. Jerika chats 'I think everyone on the mud should just strip naked and fight fist to fist. Be "real" men. ;P'

  104. Gwendlynn chats 'I dont wanna be a real man.. ewwwwwwww... I dont wanna grow hair on my chest and other weird things =P'

  105. Namaan shouts 'I'm bigger than you are. I am higher on the food chain. Get in my BELLY!'

  106. Lokos angels 'Oooh, I can visit the girls room? What fun I'll have! *hops*'

  107. Namaan angels 'Woohoo! *runs off to the little girls room* wait...'

  108. Confidential chats 'We do not just want to get you on the couch :p'

  109. Dromio angels 'lol Confi blew my shoes off'

  110. Arwin chats 'No no namaan You know I love You almost as much As the sheep'

  111. Montag chats 'and let slip the toes of war!'

  112. Bungee cheers 'Sorry.......My pants are full of walnut-eating termites.

  113. [ 3 seconds later ] Arwin cheers 'Man, and I thought I was wierd.......' [ You are weird. -G ]

  114. [ can we forget the termites? -Dromio ] Galilee cheers 'Don't termites eat wood?'
    Bungee cheers 'Not THESE termites!!!!!'

  115. Grumble angels 'ugly stick? dude, if you want to be more ugly, you gotta buy the whole tree' [ Finally said something worth quoting... -G ]

  116. Dragonkat angels 'This is going to be the biggest log I have ever made'

  117. Dragonkat angels 'Then I wanna be a male!'

  118. Jerika chats 'If I try all these wet sounds happen.'

  119. Jerika chats 'Except for the vasoline on my nose' [ I don't want to know, either -G ]

  120. Jerika chats 'I cannot live my life in fear of being quoted or found with a greasy nose.'

  121. Evangeline angels 'Hehehe, you will never quote me! Muhahahahahahahahaha!'

  122. Zealot angels 'send me pics of your co workers!!!'
    Jaewalker angels 'And of their butts!'

  123. Skyclad auctions 'Enjoy those balls while they last Arwin'

  124. Jerika chats 'There's something suckable about Nam'

  125. Namaan shouts 'But you can lead any day, cause I like to bring up your, eh... the rear.'

  126. Jerika chats 'You should be careful, my butt is an erogenous zone ;P'

  127. Melinna angels 'you can force me, but you can't make me like it!'

  128. Namaan says 'I'm Ben Stein on downers.'

  129. Bane angels 'WE worry you? who's the lady that runs around stripping off poor defenseless IAW/AFKed angels clothes and making them wear fruit platters on their heads?!?!'
    Confidential angels 'Where can I get a fruit platter?'

  130. Jerika chats 'And I'm trying to pick grains of rice out of my panties.'

  131. Niccio shouts 'i have a naked camel!!!'
    Juviana shouts 'As opposed to a dressed camel?'
    Niccio shouts 'well i shaved him!!!'

  132. Seifer shouts 'I'm wearing a DRESS!'

  133. Seifer shouts 'I'm also wearing my mom's UNDERWEAR!' [ Ew ]

  134. Dragonkat angels 'Oh i'm gonna pull something off if he doesn't hurry up'

  135. Ananon angels 'I like head'

  136. Gabby says 'Is it big and red?'

  137. Gabby chats 'Hmmmm, that means if I wanted to wear one, I would have to pitch my panties. I think not. :P'

  138. AngelEyes chats 'I am easy, I do anything if it's worth it...though Gabby got more then me *sniff*'

  139. AngelEyes angels 'Heck for a few more rename coins I'd do ANYTHING you asked lol'
    AngelEyes angels 'Kinkier the better ;)'

  140. Skyblade angels 'I don't wanna mutilate you anymore than I already have :)'

  141. Fenix angels 'activate mouth and flush brain?'

  142. Dragonkat chats 'I'm not up to par'

  143. AngelEyes chats 'I dunno, it just sorta happened lol But I like it ;)'

  144. AngelEyes chats 'luckily I like to be bitten ;P'

  145. Jerika chats 'Anyway, if you can put your mouth around something like a hotdog... you can put your mouth around something a bug walked on'

  146. Jerika chats 'My bra is possessed.'

  147. (an echo) Time to try out my new restore. Hold onto your panties/briefs.
    Someone blurts: 'my briefs!'
    Roy blurts: 'my panties!'

  148. Jerika chats 'I would pay for that. I could have Sanddy's PeePee and Zealot's butt. ;P'

  149. Jerika chats 'The wierd stuff my fingers come do when I don't look.'

  150. Montag chats 'thats pretty sick... i hope you dust those off before putting them back in'

  151. Namaan yells 'I will stop beating you the second you pull me out of Z's tush.'

  152. Arwin chats 'Why cant I get LAID!?'
    Jerika chats '*grabs anal ruler'*

  153. Dragonkat chats 'Hear that guys? She can't say no ;P'
    Jerika chats 'Only when there's money involved. ;)'

  154. Melinna says 'They never quote me'

  155. Jerika chats 'Namaan... to you I vow my eternal devotion.' [And she wasn't even FORCED!! -Namaan]

  156. Skyclad chats 'Take it down, I wanna see myself more on the internet.'

  157. Dragonkat sticks her tongue out at Synical.
    Synical wonders if DragonKat promises to use that tongue..... [*shudder* -Blackshadow]

  158. Jerika chats 'All right, seriously, who knows the bj policies? Is there a sign somewhere that I haven't seen?'

  159. a few seconds later... Jerika chats 'And the worst thing is... BJ is the first addiction I've gotten here that's begun to spread out into irl.'

  160. Jerika chats 'I refuse to live my life in fear of you and your little pen!'

  161. Namaan chats 'Um.... 10mil for the night?'
    Jerika chats 'I'm sorry, sir, we expect the night's wages before service is performed.'
    Namaan chats 'I'm in my room, Jeri. Come get lai... err, paid. ;p'
    ... moments later
    Jerika chats 'I just got paid twice. =)'

  162. Jerika chats '...Do you feel ripe? Someone smell and squeeze Nam to see if he's ready to eat yet.'

  163. Jerika says 'Touch my money and die'

  164. Lokos chats 'Yep. Pretty expensive. I'm a lot cheaper.'
    Lokos chats 'I'm a guy. It's no secret that we're all cheap. :Ptth'

  165. Jerika chats 'I can't keep on making it longer if its not going to fit... you know? What's the point.'

  166. Jerika has been upright all day long, and I'm not a fucking vacuum cleaner.

  167. Gabby chats 'dominate me and make me do that. :P'

  168. Jerika isn't iaw or afk, but my hands will be busy

  169. Sweetjay chats 'for the record...that was my first time'

  170. MITA angels 'i drool'

  171. Fusion angels 'streaming porn... oh yeah'

  172. Someone angels 'I thought you didn't wear pants?'

  173. Settinus angels 'A long time ago in a sphincter far far away..'

  174. Dragonkat angels 'So much for sucking the grape from the naval dare ;P'

  175. Namaan says 'I'm only writing you the molest social for my own personal gain. ;p'

  176. Confidential says 'So how do racehorses pee? ;p'
    Jerika thinks . o O ( Long and hard ;P )

  177. MITA angels 'well only on the hot angels like gabby'

  178. Clotho chats 'hmmm... 65 blowjobs should hold me a bit'

  179. Clotho chats 'what can i say? I have an isatiable appetite for blowjobs here'

  180. Gameguy chats 'Clotho, we wont know your telling the truth untill you give us all on of these blowjobs you are speaking of'

  181. Kindaichi chats 'hehee i know where to get blowjobs i need tp though'

  182. XkrysteX chats 'I have a wet pussy! whoo! It was a gift hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . let me rephrase that . . . '

  183. Skyclad steps into sexual ambiguity.

  184. Settinus chats 'If there are any single ladies out there.. Call 1-800-Sett-o-Love.'

  185. Gabby questions 'Where can I find a naked picture of Confidential?'
    StormWeaver answers 'tell me if you do gabbs..i want one :P' [Ewww! -G]

  186. StormWeaver angels 'not fair when an imm can create a beautiful nurse to hug and make you jealous :P'

  187. Gabby angels 'Can I go ONE FREAKING DAY without being scribbled?!!' [Nope -G]

  188. Melinna angels 'Confi won't care if i get all the guys for one night'

  189. Melinna angels 'I'm a one night, one pay sorta girl'

  190. Dragonkat angels 'I want some "beef"'

  191. Dragonkat angels 'I like juicy beef no need for a raincoat'

  192. Dragonkat chats 'I have a fondness for men's tushies. Pardon me ;P' [Is this a trend I see here? -G *iw*]

  193. Fusion angels 'Its an uncontrollable bladder. It goes when it wants.'

  194. Fusion angels 'She calls me the fatest man alive.'

  195. Dragonkat angels 'So it's settled. Boobies it is ;P'

  196. Jakar angels 'Great. The great Boobie debate is over.'

  197. Dragonkat angels 'Your no fun Fuzzy ;P'
    Fusion angels 'Oh, I can be. :)'
    Fusion angels 'wink wink nudge nudge.'
    Grumble angels 'going to do your Staypuff Marshmallow Man impression?'
    Wiznet> Fusion has slain Grumble in cold blood!

  198.    |O|o|o|o|x|x|o|o|
       |o|x|x|x|o|o|x|x|   X: Jerika        O: Grumble
       |x|o|o|x|x|o|o|o|     (0-2-1)          (2-0-1)
       |x|x|o|x|x|x|o|o|   This game is a draw.
       |---------------|   Waiting for $ready from Jerika and Grumble.
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    [For all of you wondering why this is posted... that SHOULD have been a win...]

  199. Graywolf chats 'hey at least they dont shave you and dye you pink'

  200. MITA angels 'iaw for sex' [?!]

  201. Lokos angels 'Well, if we all went into the arena and let 'Kat dominate us...'

  202. Daeg angels 'oooOOOooo. i'd let DK dominate me'

  203. Namaan chats 'I am a one man woman.'

  204. AngelEyes angels 'OooOo I wanna hit someone with a hammer to!'

  205. AngelEyes chats 'I just like tuggin on peoples undies, Gray ;P'

  206. Gabby chats 'I used to be a geek. Now I'm a dork.'

  207. Gabby chats 'I am NOT a Porn Star yet!'

  208. Ananon angels 'I'm a coffee can' [and we never even suspected!]

  209. Someone angels 'Now now, no mudsexing the newbies!'

  210. Namaan angels 'Namaan: Guardian of the pretty pink tiara. ;p'

  211. Syth angels 'can i be the meat?'

  212. Dragonkat says 'So i'm a pug, i'm idealistic, i'm 67% sluttier then the rest of the world, cinnamon flavored, a sexpot flirt and naughty'

  213. Dragonkat angels 'I violated Namaan and i'm darn proud I did ;p'

  214. Ananon angels 'I'm dumb!' [So you're saying you're a stupid coffee can,eh? -G]

  215. Clotho says 'ill also give you an obligatory blow job'

  216. Anastasia angels 'I got all hot before... typed a big paper'

  217. Anastasia angels 'I am not a hornball'

  218. Eco chats 'those pantz r mine!'

  219. Ananon angels 'Ananon is stupid'

  220. Elsy angels 'I'm just an idiot'

  221. Deekay chats 'I swer it doesn't burn your throat when it goes down!'

  222. OmegaMan angels 'you were bonking lokos'
    Keegan angels 'ah...well he needed it!!'

  223. Zeladonii chats 'I'm a pansy.'

  224. Gabby chats 'Better be mexican!'

  225. Acero angels 'Darn grumble, how big is this thing?'

  226. OmegaMan angels 'now my hand hurts...'

  227. Sanddman chats 'Who's ego needs a sausage?'

  228. AngelEyes angels 'Nothing....but he is a good licker!'

  229. Volrath chats 'hey jona... cry a river.. then build a bridge and geet the heck over it'

  230. Confidential blurts: 'You were here yesterday when you were promoted ;p' [No shit! *snicker* -G]

  231. Lokos angels 'Yeah, my little brother hates it when I use the real rope though...'

  232. Gabby chats 'I have this incredible urge to play "The cup game"'
    Gabby chats '*clap* *clap* Tap the cup. *clap* Pick it up, *clap* 2,3,4,5,6,7!' [Put your mind back in the gutter, and this is damn funny]

  233. AngelEyes yells 'Oooo Violate me!'

  234. Bane angels 'AE dear, don't slay Confi.'

  235. Melinna angels 'It's all a bunch of tree huggin hippy crap'

  236. Montag angels '*dances around in his speedos*'

  237. Lokos angels 'I'm not a *total* idiot.'
    OmegaMan angels 'could have fooled me'

  238. Melinna angels 'I don't mind being between two guys ;p'

  239. AngelEyes chats 'Use me, love me!'

  240. Lokos chats 'And BS? Cheese is not cheese. :P'

  241. Lowell chats 'I licked the sweat of Elepix's neck to survive!'

  242. Elepix chats 'I can be cute and girly'

  243. Lowell chats 'I just wanted the money. ;P'

  244. AngelEyes angels 'Explore me, OM! *wink* ;P'

  245. Chase chats 'I'd rather be Jello..'

  246. Zeladonii chats 'Who wears undergarments? Commando, baby.'

  247. Tantrum chats 'i like your tush though'

  248. Elepix chats 'Ok, but you know I'm useless'

  249. Someone angels 'I do not like to hump a lot!'

  250. Someone angels 'No one will ever get me as a date. I'm 98% crisco.'

  251. AngelEyes angels 'And I Will do anyone who wants it....but first I must do my taxes'

  252. AngelEyes angels 'I ain't a cheap hooker'

  253. Lokos angels 'Could be, I do smell.'

  254. Random angels 'AE was it Friday already? ;P'

  255. OmegaMan angels 'i'm just confused'

  256. AngelEyes says 'Hmph, see if I ever lick you again! =P'

  257. Skyblade angels 'is it bad that I'm dressing up my neice like a hooker?'

  258. Lokos angels 'I'm surprised, nobody offered to join? I thought everyone was teenaged and oversexed here? Must just be me. :P'

  259. Varios yells 'I'm spanking my monkey, donno bout you guys'

  260. Anastasia chats 'I live out of cars'

  261. Mooncalf angels 'Yes, it would, but I am naked now.'

  262. Gabby angels 'Lokos, you dirty whore!'

  263. Lokos says 'Well, I'm not really a whore. I don't charge a single penny!'

  264. Anastasia says 'definition of male: licensed to be a pervert 24/7'

  265. Lokos angels 'Oooooo! What kind of cheap man-whore do you take me for?'
    Fusion angels 'Extremely cheap.'

  266. Varios angels 'yeah. inexpensive whores sounds better than cheap whores :P'

  267. Lokos angels 'Should I hump your leg, too? :P

  268. Arwin chats 'Lokos, stop playing with your gnome in public'

  269. Pyros angels 'I have a full supply of my own filth, thank you ;p'

  270. Tasselhoff angels 'I suck'

  271. Melinna angels 'You ate your cat?'

  272. OmegaMan angels 'feel free to quote me' [As if I needed permission *snicker* -G]

  273. Someone angels 'My poop is free.'

  274. Volrath angels 'Free poop!'

  275. Volrath angels 'Arwin gets all the good free poop ;)'

  276. Eyod chats 'i thought you said you where a donut ;)'

  277. Duncan chats 'I can be a donkey's rear in RL as well...'

  278. AngelEyes chats 'Is it contagious?'
    Penumbra chats 'I hope so!'

  279. Lokos angels 'I hit mine with a hammer...'

  280. Lokos angels 'Apparently, a bigger hammer doesn't always solve your problems.' [It's not the size of the hammer that counts... -Tass]

  281. OmegaMan chats 'apparently i'm satan!'

  282. Namaan angels 'My tounge isn't stressed!'

  283. Zeladonii chats 'OoOoo, blind? My I molest? *giggle*'

  284. Juviana chats 'Everyone knows I'm nice and blunt.'

  285. Zeladonii chats 'I'm insane, just not desperate.'

  286. Zeladonii angels 'This sheep peed on my computer, Grumble.'

  287. Zeladonii chats 'Gah! He's peeing again. What did you give this sheep?'

  288. Wythcor angels 'now I have a sheep on fire...'

  289. StormWeaver angels 'nahhh i go both ways...'

  290. Skyblade angels 'Fart! Fart! Fart! Fart! Fart! Fart!'

  291. Atlas angels 'arwiiiiin! what are you doing?'
    Someone angels 'Arwin is just kissing it.'
    Arwin angels 'eating a banana'

  292. Jakar chats 'She sleeps with me and doesn't even stay the night. *sniff*'

  293. Bane chats 'I'm not pretending at all, I AM the king of no-pants!'

  294. Lowell chats 'I don't know what mud you're on, BS, but this one is discussing Bane's lack of underwear. ;P'

  295. Elepix chats 'I'm sure it's no big thing'

  296. Melinna angels '*unlocks dancing robot that starts singing "Do a little dance, make a little love"*'

  297. Melinna angels 'Ah! Shove it back in! lol, he got it ;p'

  298. Grumble angels 'i just had a vision of keegs in a skirt'

  299. Fusion chats 'I could always use.... more estrogen?'

  300. Melinna angels 'Booty calling again Zela ;p'
    Zeladonii angel 'Hrm. I just got some from the sheep.'

  301. Zkorp chats 'alright...who was coming on to me from far away? '
    OmegaMan chats '*raise*'

  302. Kallendbor questions 'how do you pick up the 'tight and sexy number...''
    OmegaMan answers 'well a few good come on lines might work'

  303. Grumble answers 'i've got an 11-foot pole...'

  304. Jakar chats 'Wait? So Lokos real name is Dick Love? *confused*'

  305. Montag does a little cheeleader routine for you.

  306. Melinna angels 'You're pretty good at oink'ing'

  307. Zeladonii angels 'I'll show you my testicles!!' [I'd say Keegan was in for a surprise, no? -G]

  308. Arwin angels 'cuz then you still have to make animal sounds!'

  309. Arwin angels 'Havent you realized I have no shame?'

  310. Namaan blurts: 'on the positive side, my nipples are doing much better.'

  311. Zeladonii angels 'See what a bad influence you people are on me?'

  312. Ness chats 'Yeah. Bane's mayo tastes awful.'

  313. Salix angels 'its better than flossing your butt'

  314. Zeladonii angels 'I'm a little short in the penis area.'

  315. Melinna angels 'my virgin ears!'
    Grumble angels 'just your ears, mel?'

  316. Zeladonii angels 'AFK, I think the horses are eating the house.'

  317. Gabby chats 'My butt is very shy, and doesn't like strangers.'

  318. Melinna chats 'Oh, I'm not a stranger to your butt.'

  319. Zeladonii angels 'It's shitty shit.'

  320. Boris chats 'I'll use my my my.....the lame powers of a weiner?'

  321. Lokos chats 'Hey, you're the one who put that stick there.'

  322. Sanddman chats 'I'd never licked that good in my life;p'

  323. Wiznet> Gabby casting locate Oh please, Jakar. Everyone knows I'm in your spank bank. :P.

  324. Montag angels 'hooray for Fusion! hooray at last! hooray for Fusion he's a horses.. oh wait nevermind'

  325. Arwin angels 'Lorri is nice, she always fondles me :)'

  326. Ceivar blurts: 'Having some problem inserting?'

  327. Alemin chats 'I'm done levelling' [Note: this is on July 20, 2001. For posterity's sake. You won't laugh now... but wait a few months.]

  328. Ceivar angels 'Good. You stay there, Berry'll hide, Grumble will head for the hills, and I'll panic.'

  329. Gabby chats 'Oh, go back to holding your 11 foot pole.'

  330. Drognan chats '*snicker* He's probably polishing it now.'

  331. Gabby chats 'Bah, only Confi scribbles any more.'
    Bane chats '*scribble*'

  332. Alina chats 'Droggy likes being bonked.'

  333. Grumble chats 'angels have to have a certain level of maturity'
    Grumble chats 'in theory'

  334. Vanguard chats '*puts in mouth*'

  335. Xavier chats 'I got a golden thong bikini.'
    Xavier chats 'and no pride'

  336. Arthinius chats 'ack.... we were playing with Juviana's bum and I missed it!?' [What's really funny is that this quote was submitted by Juv.]

  337. Drognan chats '*sigh* I'll just play with myself then.'

  338. Evangeline angels 'I'd like to look that one up in the Dictionary of Sexual Terms...'

  339. Arthinius chats 'It is gonna look like that if you keep touching it like that'

  340. Bane angels 'right. I need to find some pants.'

  341. Lowell chats 'Anyway, its not hard for an imm to train someone else's nut ;P' [Now my cashews can macerena!]

  342. Zkorp chats 'did you swallow it whole or accidently bite down?'

  343. Zeladonii angels 'I'm downloading toilets.'

  344. Zeladonii angels 'Well, I did marry a zombie once. Does that count?'

  345. Zeladonii angels 'I'm only 17% ass'

  346. Zeladonii angels 'I'm psycho.'

  347. Zeladonii chats 'Arwin loves sheep, my pants are on fire, Lowell loves Salix, and sometimes I step into rears.' [She's on a roll, i guess]

  348. Salix chats 'lets poke arwin and see what comes out of her mouth'

  349. Namaan angels 'Wanna hear where my g/f left bite marks? *grin*'

  350. Arwin angels 'I'm on phallic patrol I guess'

  351. Muttly says 'did you wiggle your bum while I scratched?'

  352. Lokos angels 'I'm crunchy on the outside, but tender and juicy on the inside.'

  353. Elepix angels 'If it makes you feel better, Zela, you bug me. :)'

  354. Arwin chats 'You can only take pictures if you burst through your pants :P'

  355. Arwin chats 'Ooo Can I play with the vibrating rubber ducky?'

  356. Zkorp chats 'according to my nipples I'm allergic to stainless steel'

  357. Arwin angels '*sniff* Smell What I smell zela? I think theres some pants burning somewhere'

  358. Fusion angels 'I don't need pants.'

  359. Melinna angels 'I'm a fat duck!'

  360. Someone angels 'Bane, you only wish you had the ass of steel I have.'
    Someone angels 'Hell, I can crush empty soda cans.'

  361. Zeladonii angels '*admires her corpse* What's a body like you doing in a morgue like this?'

  362. AngelEyes chats 'No need to cook me, you can eat me raw!'

  363. Batou auctions 'its unfair that imms can create items at will' [*boggle* -G]

  364. Arwin angels 'Thats cuz Im less hairy'

  365. Arwin angels 'They're laughing at my uterus!'

  366. Melinna angels '*throws her clothes out the window*'

  367. Jakar chats 'Anyone want a treat that hasn't gotten any?'

  368. Eyod shouts 'you could shear my Bum!'

  369. Juviana chats 'Actually, up is pretty good. Horizontally is good, though, if you like to do it the old-fashioned way.'

  370. Eyod chats 'ness i cant find an apple so ill just have to use a squirrel'

  371. Zeladonii chats 'I disavow any knowledge of anything.'

  372. Lowell chats 'Don't ever assume I know ANYTHING!'

  373. OmegaMan chats 'anything that involves daphne and exploration i'm up for'

  374. Strife chats 'mind you it isn't greed for colored items that drives me to crave underwear'

  375. Cloridric chats 'I jump like 5 Lamas!!!!'

  376. Zeladonii chats 'I can't do it without biting.'

  377. [Insert extremely funny off-color comment by an invis someone, who would kill me should I ever post it.]

  378. Daphne chats 'When did I become a piece of meat?'

  379. AngelEyes chats 'I'm boring =('

  380. Odie chats 'top and bottom is good but doggy style is too impersonal for me'

  381. Strife chats 'Did I mention how firm my nipples were?'

  382. Daphne yells 'Gotta fetish for pigs ;)'

  383. Montag chats 'bah! yer all cold and clammy now.. death does that'

  384. Daphne chats 'Now come give me some lovin''

  385. Montag chats 'she didn't do anything with me... no matter how hard i tried'

  386. Arthinius chats 'always about the sex, isn't it?'

  387. Evangeline angels 'OH! Ask for something that can only be loaded. Like a can of spam or the jelly dildo.'

  388. Jakar angels 'Good. I was faking it.'

  389. Eyod chats 'shhhhh i have no life and the little i can suck out of you is not enough ;-)'

  390. Daphne chats 'I'm gonna keep poking you until you get sore'

  391. Daphne chats 'I'm not wearing skivvies :P'

  392. Strife chats 'You mean my comment about darkwing duck scat p0rn isn't going to get scribbled?'

  393. Grumble chats 'i've got about 50 quotes about daphne, her underwear, and other people's tongues'

  394. Daphne chats ' I'm not amused by little things, I like the large things personally ;p'

  395. Odie chats 'just shows how much of a life i don't have ;p'

  396. OmegaMan angels 'sex of course'
    OmegaMan angels 'i'm STILL not getting it to come up...'

  397. Grumble chats 'ya, Om can't get it up either. *snicker*'

  398. Arthinius chats 'My hands are getting cramped anyhoo'

  399. OmegaMan chats 'i live in a cave in an undisclosed location'

  400. Eden chats 'i can type one handed :)'

  401. Alina chats '*laugh* Believe me, no pants will be worn when I get there!'

  402. Strife chats 'I am NOT gay... my sexual preference tends towards dead flaming livestock of the female gender.'

  403. AngelEyes blurts: 'Hey, I should be in an Asylum! *nodnod*'

  404. Evangeline chats 'No, beer and marajuana mix nicely...I mean, er, how would I know?'

  405. Jakar angels 'My balls are stuck.'

  406. Sunny chats 'I may be easy but I am not common'

  407. Strife shouts 'Grahic depiction of torturing animals on chat is ok... Faking orgasm is not!'
    Keegan shouts 'who said she was faking??'

  408. Atlas angels 'God! he farts when he has sex *GOD* he did beat me!!'

  409. Atlas angels 'what you mean with "I give one hell of a blow job"'

  410. Zeladonii angels 'You know he's hiding an animal in there.'
    Atlas angels '*OOOo* God!! did i understand well?!!? you said Jakar has a fierce animal inside his panties?!?!?!'

  411. Atlas angels 'vibrators doesnt count as boyfriends :P'

  412. Evangeline angels '*winks at her own hand* Hey, sexy. Want to hit the sheets?'

  413. OmegaMan angels 'well it's thicker, and longer and doesn't have the toothbrush part'

  414. Keegan angels 'it's the horny train and it won't stop'

  415. Keegan chats 'don't make me come over there and make you smell your own farts!!'

  416. Arwin chats 'Is there a time and place for fake orgasms?'

  417. Keegan angels 'no the bloated penis was better!!'

  418. OmegaMan angels 'it's all swollen and discoloured...'
    OmegaMan angels 'and it hurts' [First he couldn't get it up, and now this.]

  419. Eyod chats 'wow never spin around in a circle with a cat on you lap and a can of coke in the hand'

  420. Fusion angels 'me and my hand, and my money. =p'

  421. Daphne chats 'spit darnit, spit it all out!'

  422. Jakar angels 'So I have to fake it? No problem.'

  423. OmegaMan angels 'i fake it all the time'

  424. Jakar angels 'Apparently I fake it alot.'

  425. Lowell chats '...*blink* Um. What was my body forced to do while I was afk?'

  426. Daphne chats 'I love playing with myself. I can go as fast as I want'

  427. Strife chats 'yes, but then you would have your day lightened by my rapier wit ever again!'
    Grumble chats 'that's one of those things you use to hold sandwiches together, eh' [Cut down with a plastic sword]

  428. Melinna angels 'Yea, I don't eat it but it's fun to poke'

  429. Quest chats 'I must confess hippos are very attractive in the 'Thats an attractive hippo' way

  430. Juviana chats 'I can smell your brains.'

  431. Eden chats 'i drool without sleeping ;)'

  432. Arwin angels 'did it just grow or was it just me?'

  433. Confidential blurts: 'Why am I wearing a slipper on my head?'

  434. AngelEyes angels 'Who needs personality! ;P'

  435. Alina angels 'Bah, everything I do with the squeaky ball won't fit'

  436. (irl) Salix says 'Don't pet the beaver.'
    (irl reply) Omegaman says 'It doesn't say not to pet it!'

  437. Xavier chats '*sigh* Ok, one more time...I need a pool full of jello, a game of twister, and a...make that two bottles of Tequilla!'

  438. Melinna chats 'Hey Someone? My butt is for sitting, not for kissing.'
    Grumble angels 'maybe if you talked less out of your ass, people would know which end to kiss ;)' [Just a note, I wasn't Mel-bashing. She just used a statement I hear FAR to often... and I was feeling creative - G]

  439. Acero chats 'You guys and all your fictional countries... Zambie, France, Rhodeshia. We all know the only places around are the Castle, Freeport, Nautica and a few others.. sheesh.'
    Igwald chats 'You're wrong Acero, France is one of the restrooms in Midgaard.' [France surrenders!]

  440. Lowell chats '*touches Lola's dead body* *likes it*'

  441. Pyros says And that's why, boys and girls, I'm probably known as "Mr. Sexual Harrassment".'

  442. Daeg chats 'i think i might grab a watermelon this weekend and see what kind of damage i can do ;p' [Must have been watching Buckaroo Bonzai. No, I'm not explaining that, either.-G]

  443. Graywolf chats 'im pokin her but im not getting any.'

  444. Gabby chats '*equips chastity belt*'

  445. Ceivar angels ' are what you eat. Mmm, soylent green'

  446. Arthinius chats 'It's because of you guys I play with myself so much...'

  447. OmegaMan musics 'will it be a vibrating ducky?'

  448. Arwin angels 'if a gummi bear has sex with a donkey, is it bestiality?'

  449. Keegan chats 'Not me....I'm only partially mad.'

  450. Serenity chats 'now, if you don't mind, i'd like to get my pants on.'

  451. Arthinius angels 'It is so hard to type with one hand'

  452. Sanddman chats 'The grass on my ass is pretty thick:P'

  453. Gabby chats 'It was probably about our giant male genetalia.'

  454. Gabby angels 'Of course, then every time I sip my coffee I have the word "penis" to my mouth, or something like that.'

  455. Fusion chats 'I think it is Gabby. Has your nose.'
    Gabby chats 'Shows what you know. I don't have a nose.'
    Grumble angels 'lost it in someone's ass, eh gabbs?'

  456. Tink angels 'I'm here so G has something to play with'

  457. Pyros angels 'But hey, if I get a barrel of dead monkies, what'll the kids say on Christmas morn?'
    Pyros angels '"What? These are dead monkies!" That's what they'll say'
    Grumble angels 'tell 'em they're lumpy rugs'
    Grumble angels 'it's all the rage in Paris'

  458. Pyros angels 'And the smell? Don't say "because they're french." No one buys that'

  459. Bane angels 'what about beating a monkey?'

  460. Gomez angels 'I got in touch with my feminine side. And she reported me to the cops.'

  461. Lucium chats 'my lips still burn, and lets just say im not looking foward to tomorrow morning'
    Grumble chats 'and we're not looking forward to hearing about it'

  462. Pyros chats 'Wow, I'd forgotten how many naked pictures I had of players here'

  463. Jacinda chats 'just swallow and gulp Is my theory'

  464. Graywolf chats 'Ive had worse things in my mouth.'