Personal Information Sheet

C.A. Handle: ZackE

Aliases: none

Name: Zack

ICQ: 126371472

AIM: rabidfurby319

Homepage: (my mom's business)

Birthday: 3/19/1987

Zodiac sign: if you actually think this means something and want to know, i don't want to know you

Living arrangement: it looks like a big box with windows

Favorite book: way too many to choose from

What's on your mousepad? it says contour, it has a hard plastic part for the mouse and a gel wrist pad

Favorite board game: scrabble

Favorite (non-C.A.) game: there are other games???

Favorite magazine: wired

Favorite comic: dilbert

Favorite smells: bacon

Least Favorite smells: any and all of that herbal crap my sister uses

Favorite sound: music, the louder the better

Worst feeling in the world: waking up and realizing you have no caffeine

What is the first thing you think of in the morning? how nice it would be to go back to sleep and not have to go to school

What is the last thing you think of before going to sleep? how nice it would be to sleep in and not have to go to school tomorrow

Favorite color: transparent!

How many rings before you answer the phone? i never do, my sister is on the phone 24/7 and she never picks up call waiting

Future child's name: naming rights will be sold to the highest bidder

What is the most important thing in life? money

Favorite food: sushi

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate, but only if it has a bunch of stuff in it

Do you like to drive fast? yes

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? no

Storms: cool or scary? cool, even better if there's lightning, because then stuff gets set on fire

What was your first car? they don't let people like me go out into public, much less drive

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? the guy who discovered caffeine

Favorite alcoholic drink: none

Non-alcoholic: mtn dew, surge, afri-cola, jolt, etc

Are you a cat person, or a dog person? dog

Do you eat broccoli? no, i'm carnivorous

What's your dream job? bill gates dies and leaves me all his money and total control of microsoft. can you say open source?

If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be? neon red

Ever been in love? no

Is the glass empty, or half full? glass? drink straight from the 2-liter bottle, much easier

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? they both came at they same time, then i came and ate them both

Favorite movie(s): office space, dumb and dumber, monty python, south park, scary movie

Favorite type of music: nu and death metal

Favorite musician/band: deicide

Favorite cd: deicide

Favorite song: deicide

Do you touch type, or hunt and peck? half-and-half

What's under your bed? the ceiling of my living room

What's your favorite number? i can count from 1 to 10!

Favorite sport to watch on TV: football

Biggest pet peeve: anything my sister does

Favorite Animal: my dog, chelsea

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