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    Okay, this thing is officially up and running. Here's how to get on this page.

    1. Download this html template.
    2. Edit the document, and fill in answers to the questions. The simplest way is to just fill in the blank line under each question.
      • You can delete questions if you don't want to answer them.
      • You can add more questions if you want to. (If you add questions to your list, note them separately in your email, I'll add ones I like to the template.)
      • Feel free to customize the page any other way you might want.
      • Note: microsoft word and frontpage are spawn of the devil, and make HUGE html files out of stuff... You can really do all this in NOTEPAD! (unless you have a real need to be fancy.) Also, I won't do major editing of html. (I may fix a typo or two, but not much more.)
    3. Rename your file to <yourname>.html (e.g. my page is titled: grumble.html)
    4. Email the completed page back to me, at as an attachment.

    Please note: I will host a single picture. Put a cap for the page and picture (total) at 75Kb. Anything too big will, most likely, be trimmed or deleted. Make the link for your picture "./pics/(yourname).png" You can use gifs or jpgs if you prefer, I just want you to get the directory correct. And, of course, anyone sending me a virus will be killed.

    As a rule of thumb, you should be at least 18 mud years before you send me a page. (Basically, you should be a regular, and I, or another imm, should be able to recognize you, before I'll post your page.)

    This is on the page... Find out your personality type here: Meyers Briggs Personality Test - There are better versions of this test, but I'm too lazy to hunt for one.