Help - displays a helpfile about a topic/command
Save - saves your character
Quit - Saves your character and exits the mud.
Commands - will list all your available commands (and there are a lot)


Just type the direction you want to go, or shorten the direction to the first letter, e.g. N = north, S = south, U = up, etc.
Recall - Takes you directly to Recall, a specific room in the castle.
Exits - shows you which exits are available. Exits in parenthesis are closed doors. A note about moving: Always remember which direction you came from. If you just moved east, then moving west will generally take you back to the room you just came from.


Say - Allows you to communicate with people in the room.
Chat - Allows you to communicate with everyone on the MUD.
Tell - When followed by a person's name, lets you talk directly to that person.
Channels - See the list of other channels available to use.

Checking Yourself

Score - Allows you to check your stats, like hp, strength, and move
Affects - Allows you to see if you are affected by any spells, like shield
Look - Lets you look at the room OR if followed by something specific, to look directly at that item.
Sleep - Allows you to rest, healing your hp, mana, and movement at a faster rate.
Consider - Allows you to see how tough a mob (monster) is.

Handling Items

Get - Allows you to retrieve an item laying on the ground.
Drop - Allows you to toss an item to the ground.
Wear - Allows you to wear, wield, or hold an item.
Remove - Allows you to unequip an item.
Equip - Allows you to see what you are currently wearing.
Inv - Allows you to see everything else in your inventory.


Kill - Allows you to attack a mob (monster)
Flee - Allows you to run away from a fight.
Wimpy- Allows you to set at what point you will automatically flee. You can set it to a particular amount, or if you just type wimpy by itself, it will be 20% of your max hp.


Eat - When followed by the item, allows you to eat the item.
Drink - When followed by the item, allows you to drink from the item. Drinking alcohol will make you drunk.