UPDATED! 7/23/03

Just a bunch of things to go over when you're checking out items, whether it's while revising an old area or creating a new one. This file was for the remap, but it is still relevant now.


make sure keywords are in the long/short descs of an item. is okay to use multiple keywords (just don't over do it)

Item types

make sure type is appropriate to the item. (i.e. no rings that are furniture.) will be specific items that will have a odd type on purpose (ring of rain), but these need to be checked. "weapon" items should be wieldable items only. (like the briefs are bad... you don't wear a weapon on your ass)

Drink containers

make sure the drink contained is appropriate to the container. drinking 'special hot chocolate' from a strawberry margarita just doesn't work ;)


Teleport on scrolls, wands, staves, potions(?) Doesn't work. Can maybe change these to bamf, sendforth, or begone.

potions of cure blindness - can't quaff them if you're blind.

complete heal on items eats a player's mana. this is bad.

no breath weapon items.

items that have affects should be wearable/holdable/wieldable, or strip the affects off. an item's affects don't help you if you can't wear it.

'reserved' should be removed/replaced. Set the particular flag (v1, v2, v3, as the case may be) to -1 to make it 'none.'

Don't use these affects: age, gold, level, height, weight, experience, race, or class.


'vampire_bane' should only show up on weapons.

'inventory' should only show up on items repoped into a shopkeeper's inventory. it says that a shopkeeper has unlimited # of whatever.

'poisoned' should always have a 'timed flag' and a timer, or be impossible for a mort to wield. (even destroying it when the mob dies is ok)

anything with a timer should have a 'timed' flag.

anything with a 'timed' flag should have a timer, or have a prog that sets a timer.

double check flags to make sure they're appropriate for the item. see the HELP FLAGS for details about all the flags.


check v2 flags - sit_at sit_on sit_in - can only be one of the three for each type, sit_in rest_on sleep_at" works. "sit_in, sit_on, rest_on" doesn't

v1 = max people on the item


make sure mobs that reset items are resetting with the items worn in the correct location... helmets worn on the head, weapons wielded, etc.


if you see one that looks broken, make a note, we'll look at it later