Area Proposals

Before you submit an area proposal, you must be an established builder. If you are not one, your proposal will be rejected.

To submit an area proposal, the following information is required:

    Area Name:

    Your C.A. Handle: Only list the one builder to be in charge of the area, i.e. you.

    Your e-mail address:

    Other builders: Try and keep this list short. Too many chefs spoil the soup.

    Area levels: What level players will this area be designed for?

    Area size: Approximate number of rooms

    General Alignment: good mobs, evil mobs, some sort of mix?

    Area Description: Be brief, but give a good overview of your area

    Location: Where on the current world-map your area will fit in. Be as accurate as possible.

E-mail your proposal to

Note: Areas tend to change from their original plan when they're being made, and that's okay. We just need a good idea of what you'd like to accomplish, so we can decide if it'll fit in with our vision of C.A.

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