This directory is filled with various documents regarding the Builder's Port, OLC, and areas. At some point, I'll reorganize, and make all the text files into html. I suggest saving these documents to a directory on your computer, and checking this directory on a semi-regular basis for updates. (I make corrections/additions on a fairly erratic schedule.)


Builders are grouped into three catagories:

  1. Head builders - A head builder is the person who is currently in charge of any particular area.
  2. Established builders - If you've got builder priveledges now, this means you. To get this status, you must have previously built an area, or passed the builder's quiz. (which, is currently down)
  3. Apprentices - This means that a head builder can take an assistant to help them. The head builder would be responsible for the apprentice's learning of OLC. If the apprentice does well, this would earn them established builder status. This, btw, is my preferred method of getting people onto builder's. Work with someone else who knows what they're doing. Figure out how the systems work. Then strike out, and try to make an area on your own.

If there's interest, I'll post a list in this directory of people looking to learn to build, and of builder's looking for assistants.

New Areas

New areas must be approved by me and Ceivar. See the area proposal form. The area proposal form lets us figure out how suited your idea is to C.A. and work on any points which need to be more developed before you begin building.

I prefer it if one person is responsible for each area. They can have assistants. It's easier for me to keep in touch with one head builder, than it is to keep track of five.

Also, I suggest looking up a program called MZF (Make Zones Fast), which allows you to make areas on your own computer. We're based off the ENVY code, so you'll want to get the version of MZF which supports Envy. (Last I knew, we were compatible with MZF. But I make no promises.)

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