This Java applet was installed to show the new user Castle Arcanum. I was able to dig up a newer version of the applet. We still don't suggest that you use this as your normal means to play the game, although it's far less buggy than its predecessor and it can SCROLL! Leave comments to Confidential via notes.

-Confidential 08/26/2002

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      Choosing a good name is the first step in becoming an accepted member of the Castle Arcanum community. Therefore, it is important that you choose a good name that will fit in here. So, pick something original (and that we can pronounce). If you choose an unacceptable name, you will be asked to change it. Unacceptable names include occult/satanic names, vulgar names, names with titles in them (LordJohn, etc), drug references, or anything otherwise deemed offensive. Also, if your name is a variation on the name of something else on the mud (another player, a mob, objects, etc), you will be asked to change it, to prevent confusion.

If you're stuck trying to figure out a good name, you can find many name generators on the web. Try a Google Search for Fantasy Name Generator.

We're fans of this one: The Cavemaster's Fantasy Name Generator

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